Low Doc Loan Sales – Reasons You Could Lose Realtor-Based Business

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As a Low Doc Loans co, you are in a position to provide realtors with just the support they need to improve their sales success. Is it possible that you are sabotaging the development of successful partnerships because you do not know how to sell your services?see more here!

Could you be losing Realtors as a source of customers for one of the following reasons?

Your Attitude Needs Adjustment

Poor sales success with realtors begins with a poor attitude. If you hear yourself saying, “Realtors are too hard to work with,” you may need to check your attitude. If you are saying, “I do not know any realtors who need a low doc loan mortgage broker,” can you honestly say you have been doing everything you can to expand your centres of influence?

You will find condescending attitudes if you look for them. You’ll only feel like the realtor expects too much from you if you aren’t willing to put 100% into being the best at what you do. Any realtor you work with should be a go getter and have the right to expect you to be one as well.

Your Sales Skills Need Updating

Your mortgage sales opportunities are going to come from two sources, refinances and buyers. Realtor relationships are where new purchase customers come from. Learn a lesson from the struggling mortgage brokerage industry in the U.S. Learn to back off of the hard sell. Recognize that the realtors you are contacting may be getting calls from other brokers as well. The harder you push, the more resistance you’ll face.

  • To break through that resistance, you need to use a different approach that your competition isn’t You can guarantee they are all saying, “I’d like to help you close more home deals.” “I provide the best low doc loans services in Melbourne (or wherever you are in B.C.).” The world is full of people who make claims.

Your Value Proposition Needs Shaping

mortgage brokerIf you want to turn those cold calls into successful contacts, your elevator speech must show that you have the skills you claim you have. Carefully craft the message you deliver on the first contact to reveal how you are different from other low doc loan mortgage brokers. Don’t say you are different. Show you are different.

This takes serious thought. You must develop credibility with the realtor’s you contact, and you must demonstrate your value in tangible ways.

Your Loan Skills Are Shaky

A realtor takes a risk working with a new low do loan lender. If the deal falls through because you didn’t know how to do your job, you’re not the only person who loses out. The realtor does as well.

This is why you must constantly improve your skills. Find a mentor you can turn to when you face a new challenge. Take advantage of training that strengthens your low doc loan mortgage broker skills. It takes a combination of training and experience to develop those skills.

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